Tina Zimmermann has studied art and design in Switzerland and the United States. Her work concentrates on the fields of installation, new media and sculpture. In her sculptural work, she often uses natural materials in new media contexts. Her large-scale, multiple-image film projections recontextualize organic materials in an urban space, eventually redefining the exhibition space through complex, moving images.

Claudia Okonek suceeds to visually condense what can be seen to its very essence: by approaching abstraction, she aims to show what is meaningful and true - beyond the surface. An ephemeral moment, a slight movement of light and shade, the structural complexities of surfaces and spaces are condensed into a single image – giving sense to the situation, to the site. Okonek’s interest is to catch a glimpse beyond the surface, rather than representing what is obvious to the eye.
Essentially, her work has to be completed in the viewer - like an echo, that only exists when the initial sound finally reflects from the other end of the given space.

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